< This is Buddhism which is better than Christianity>


Telling of Jodo-Shinshu in short is following.


 When we meet that Amida Buddha’s(*1) unimaginable Primal Vow relieves all anxieties of whole people in this world and we all be the existences of The pure land(*2),we start to chant Nenbutsu(*3).
At the same time.

 we’re The definite one(*4) will be borning the Pure Land by Amida’s merciful power relieves and never abandons all people and things.

But we must follow next Commandents.

a. respect the parents.
b. Take good care of the aged.
c. Observe the rules and manners.


1, Don’t kill anything other than the thing which oneself feats.
2, Don’t take away possessions from someone.
3, Not be seeing another man or woman having affair.
4, Don’t tell a lie
5, Don’t say thing mean mischief.
6, Don’t criticize to.that is to be anxious about.
7, Don’t lip service.
8, Don’t be deeply attached to something.
9, Don’t get angry.
10, Never forget Truth of Buddhism.(縁起engi,無常mujou)
 縁起=Thank that we can not live my own.and we live on the coattails of a person.
 無常=Learn from experience that the person 100% dies.

(*1)Amida Buddha= Buddhism savior
(*2)The pure land= buddha’s country.Buddha is person
        Who reached to enlightenment,awakening,
        that is a person who doesn’t have worries
        about death,distresses and so on.
(*3)Nenbutsu= ”Namuamidabutsu,Namuamidabutsu”chanting,
      ”Namu”means to believe in.
(*4)The definite one= All most of all the agonies and anguishea
          are disappeared so that can be able to
         live positively with smiles.